The Day of the Test

For information about what to expect on the day of the test, and when to report and what to bring, select a test from the list below.

Calculator Information for Math and Science Tests

Refer to the chart below for calculator information for your test or test part:

Test Scientific Calculator Provided* Standard
4-Function Calculator Provided*
Bring Approved Graphing Calculator**
Biology CST (160) check
Chemistry CST (161) check
Earth Science CST (162) check
Mathematics CST (004) check
Physics CST (163) check
Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood (Birth–Grade 2) Part Two: Mathematics (246) check
Multi-Subject: Teachers of Childhood (Grade 1–Grade 6) Part Two: Mathematics (222) check
Multi-Subject: Teachers of Middle Childhood (Grade 5–Grade 9) Part Two: Mathematics (232) check
Multi-Subject: Secondary Teachers (Grade 7–Grade 12) Part Two: Mathematics (244) check
School District Business Leader, Part Two (106) check

* Calculator is provided on-screen during the test.

** You must bring your own graphing calculator. For more information, including a list of approved calculator models, go to the 004 Mathematics CST test page.

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